event_2.1On February 12, 2016, in partnership with Mindzzle Inc., we organized a networking event to support the development of meaningful connections between Indonesian diaspora and Canadians. Aimed to support a formation of active network of businesses and professionals, this event was a significant step in inviting people to get to know each other.  Through a series of event that in the work, CIDS would like to identify the needs of our group, and eventually could formulate strategies to support our successful integration in Canada.

Opened by CIDS President, the event was an initial step of building a long lasting relationship, whether it is for business or just simply friendship.  DSC_0423It was followed with a talk by Luke Arathoon, from Surrey Board of Trade (Surrey BoT). Luke shared about opportunities in engaging with Surrey BoT, one of them is how it supports young entrepreneurs so they could thrive in materializing their business ideas. Carmelita Tapia from ASEAN Canada Business Council, the next speaker, is a seasoned leader and entrepreneur. Her accomplishments include trade missions to ASEAN countries, and cultivating strong relationships with ASEAN leaders in Vancouver. Carmelita talked about how we have to be bold in representing our voice so Canadians could learn more about us and appreciate our existence. To conclude the evening, Aprilando Suryokusumo of Mindzzle energized the room with his distinctive wrap up on networking. He chose the theme “The People’s People”. His idea is to think about other first before thinking about ourselves. Then, by creating a bond, we would established much more meaningful network.

Partially sponsored by Peregrine Visa Inc., the only Canadian Immigration Consultants with Indonesian expertise, this event attracts 35 individuals. We had an honour to have the attendance of special guests, Mrs. Nina K. Widhi and Mr. Yudhono Irawan of Indonesian Consulate office in Vancouver, and Mr. Rizalu Akbar of Indonesian Trade Promotion Centre, Vancouver. And most importantly, we also had the pleasure to host our Canadian and Indonesian businesses and professionals, whom we are fond of, as they are the group of people that we hope to connect. The event would have not happened without the hardwork of co-leaders Asih Djajasaputra, Aprilando, and Christopher Edward. Christoper had done a great job overseeing pre-event details and recruting day-volunteers:  Anindita Mahmud, Claudia Adiwijaya, Maria Christie Lustiyani, Elen Nugroho, Ari Prayogi, and Brian Gabriel.

Thank you again to everyone involved. All of of you have made a difference in the building of strong diaspora.  See you at the next event!

Vancouver, February 20, 2016.

Liza Wajong


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