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“a thriving Indonesian diaspora community is integral to a multicultural Canada”

We are the Canada Indonesia Diaspora Society – an NGO that serves the purpose of creating visibility for the Indonesian diaspora community within Canada. We are a resilient community that focuses on integration experiences, stories of survival, economic integration of Indonesian immigrants and their families, contribution to identity formation to our next generations. We hope to develop prosperous, healthy communities both in Canada and our homeland, Indonesia.

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— We envision a strong collaborative network aimed at creating equal opportunities for the Indonesian diaspora in synergy with a multicultural Canada.


— To build the capacity of the Indonesian diaspora in Canada to become a resilient community. Through engaging in sustainable economic and trade development initiatives, we hope to achieve this.

What is oral history? It’s a question we got asked a lot when the Canada Indonesia Diaspora Society first pitched the LANSIA Oral History Project, an initiative that aims to preserve the untold stories of Indonesian-born Canadian immigrants. CIDS felt passionately about collecting these stories from the source: the people who experienced them. And, with a…

On Thursday, Oct. 27, the Canada Indonesia Diaspora Society and the LANSIA Oral History Project team invited our volunteers, seniors, and community voices to an appreciation dinner at Kitsilano’s new Nusa Coffee Company cafe. In true Indo fashion, we shared food, stories, and our hopes for the project’s outcome. We are so grateful to have…

  There’s a reason the expression “food is love” exists. From birth, being breastfed and having food prepared for us by our mothers was the way we were cared for. Being fed as a helpless infant was how our survival was ensured. At the outset of existence, that’s the mark of love. As we get…

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